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Xuzhou Wuzhijia Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in "China's Construction Machinery Capital-Xuzhou". The company was established on April 21, 2017. It is mainly engaged in various original spare parts of XCMG excavators and XCMG mining equipment. The person in charge of the company has been engaged in the scheduling of spare parts purchase, sales and price control of the spare parts department of XCMG Excavator in XCMG Excavator OEM for more than 5 years from August 2011 to March 2017. Business, during the accumulation of a large number of material procurement channels and sales channels, with a lot of information about the price system and quality system. 

Our company has relatively large advantages

Xuzhou Wuzhijia Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is based on providing customers with cost-effective XCMG excavator parts, using our channel advantages, information advantages, professional technical advantages, price advantages, quality first, management first, reputation first, total The core concept of seeking development, so that customers can truly save money, worry, and effort. Committed to creating a domestic first-class professional engineering machinery parts supplier.


1. All kinds of spare parts of XCMG excavator and XCMG mining equipment are delivered at ex-factory price to reduce customer procurement cost;
2. To ensure the accuracy of the customer's material requirements, to avoid the uncertainty of the material information and affect the customer's normal use
3. A large inventory of universal spare parts to meet the timeliness of customer needs;
4. Backed by the main engine factory, it has a strong technical team to solve customer faults.

Business Scope


1. Maintenance parts: Diesel filter, machine filter, air filter, liquid filter, oil-water separator, pilot filter, filter assembly, air conditioning filter
2.electrical components: computer board display throttle motor pressure switch sensor throttle drive instrument panel solenoid valve air conditioner compressor heater heater motor heater small water tank condenser expansion valve air conditioner control panel vehicle wiring harness work lights GPS electric horn wiper motor oil pressure Meter water temperature meter speed sensor fuel meter oil pressure sensor fuel sensor water temperature sensor oil temperature sensor
3.Chassis parts: supporting roller, guide wheel, support sprocket, track shoe, chain track assembly, chain track guide wheel bracket, bolt, drive gear, tensioning device assembly, tensioning cylinder, tensioning spring, tensioning cylinder, piston rod, chain guard
4.Engine accessories: Flywheel shock absorber intake valve rocker crankshaft flywheel ring gear starter motor sensor Engine accessories cylinder liner assembly camshaft bush crankshaft assembly camshaft sleeve overhaul package into exhaust valve seat ring catheter connecting rod starter motor water pump generator Supercharger crankshaft oil seal engine small assembly hood battery box engine piston crankshaft connecting rod bolt oil pump crankshaft rear oil seal supercharger oil return pipe flywheel shell assembly engine assembly size tile connecting rod bolt cylinder sleeve connecting rod copper sleeve engine piston Thrust pad fuel injector camshaft cylinder head oil pan oil drain valve flywheel counterweight engine front foot pad air intake pipe air filter cover air conditioner compressor hood air filter belt pulley oil outlet valve fan blade air intake hose diesel Hard tube injector

5. Hydraulic parts: multi-way control valve of the rotary motor of the walking motor, the first-stage gear assembly, the rotary base, the oil seal disk, the rotary motor base, the upper cover plate, the sun gear, the travel sprocket hub, the star gear travel motor, the main drive, the final drive, the cover drive, and the large ring gear drive. Rotary motor assembly Rotary motor assembly Rotary motor small assembly Rotary base assembly Rotary motor ring gear Rotary motor Vertical shaft Rotary two-stage planetary frame Rotary first-stage planetary frame Rotary motor upper and lower bearings Rotary base Oil seal disc Rotary motor Oil seal Rotary motor lower housing Cylinder Boom Cylinder Stick Cylinder Bucket Cylinder Piston Rod Hydraulic Cylinder Bucket Link
6. Radiator: Water radiator assembly, oil radiator assembly, monolithic oil radiator, intercooler, single intercooler assembly, condenser assembly, air ring intercooler, warm air tank, water tank cover, auxiliary water tank Oil-cooled air-conditioning evaporator vent pipe
7. Wearing parts: Big and small arms, tooth, gear, pin, bush, bucket, bucket, swing frame, connecting rod assembly, rotary gear ring, oil seal repair kit, large and small arm cylinder repair kit, joint, travel motor, rotary motor, operating lever distribution valve
8. Cab: Cab glass, seat, car lock, reversing mirror, door buckle Nine, bearings


And a full range of XCMG excavators
XE15, XE40, XE60, XE75, XE80, XE150D, XE150W, XE200, XE210, XE215C, XE230C, XE335, XE450, XE550, XE700, XE900
XDA40, XDA45, XDA60E, XDM60, XDM91, XDE110, XDE120, XDE170, XDE240